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The right lighting can make your basement less dark and dingy. This usually begins with ambient lighting, which adds gentle illumination to the entire space. Task lighting adds bright focus for reading, writing or drawing, while accent lighting can showcase artwork, trophies or photographs. There are various types of fixtures to choose from. Recessed lights work well in low ceilings, track lights require little wall space, and industrial lights complement unfinished basements. The best choice is to match the lighting to the role. For a game room, hang pendant lights over the pool table. If task lighting is needed, install track or pendant lights.

Key Takeaways for Basement Lighting:

  • Lighting can be used to create a tone for the basement space whether that is a more utilitarian work zone or intimate family space.
  • Lighting can be specific for different purposes and often form a multi-layered system that includes ambient, task, and accent fixtures for different needs.
  • There are many different lighting fixtures which can be used to achieve different lighting purposes like recessed, track, pendant, industrial, and natural.

“Installing the right types of lights for the space’s intended use can help you set the right mood.”

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