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A lot of people consider getting a generator for hurricane season or for the winter storms. These can be incredibly handy devices to have on hand when extreme power outages happen. However, because most people don’t use them often a lot of safety precautions are not taken. Did you know, 66 carbon monoxide deaths occur every year because people don’t understand the risks associated with power generators. The most important tip is to never use them indoors. Make sure not to touch the generator with wet hands and avoid adding fuel to the generator while it is running.

Key Takeaways:

  • It’s important that you know the risks of using a generator. Misuse of a generator can lead to carbon monoxide related deaths.
  • Keep your generator dry by getting a tent or a canopy to protect it. This reduces the chance of it being destroyed. Also avoid electrocution by not touching the generator with wet hands.
  • When you are filling up your generator with gas, don’t spill it on any of the hot engine parts of the generator as that could cause a fire.

“You may be more likely to experience a power outage during hurricane season, but they happen often during winter storms, too.”

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