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Are You Making Any of These Home Security Mistakes?

Many families are making potentially dangerous home security mistakes without realizing it, leaving them vulnerable to break-ins and other crime. Make sure you’re not “hiding” spare keys outside, or leaving sheds, upstairs windows, or garages unsecured. Burglars often know how to find even creative hiding places for spare keys, and will certainly take advantage of any unlocked door. Additionally, if you do have a home security system, make sure to leave it armed. Often, just a sign saying it’s armed will not be enough to deter a burglar.

Key Takeaways:

  • Even if you feel safe in your neighborhood, home security is important, and there are many common mistakes you may be making.
  • Don’t hide a spare key — even if you think it’s in a creative place; burglars will find it.
  • Make sure not to leave your windows or outdoor sheds unsecured — burglars will just as easily enter through these doors.

“Or maybe you have a dog in your home and depend on them to scare an intruder away (if you have a goofy and lovable Labrador, forget about that one right now). In what other ways might you be doing your home a disservice?”

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