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There are many appliances that use a lot of electricity. An HVAC system typically takes up about 47% of your energy cost and that is because it is used to both cool and heat your entire home. A water heater also uses a bunch of energy because of things such as taking a shower as well as washing the dishes. Washers and dryers also use up a good amount of electricity as these appliances are used frequently as people need to clean their clothes.

Key Takeaways:

  • In almost any house in this country, it is the heating and air conditioning equipment that consumes the most power. On average, your HVAC system accounts for a staggering 47% of your energy costs.
  • Water heaters account for roughly 14% of the average homeowner’s energy costs—a significant jump down from your heating and air conditioning systems, but a good chunk, nonetheless.
  • Consider running small loads together, if it will not ruin your clothes, and if you are planning on laundering only one or two items at a time, try to wait until you have more items to wash.

“While you of course need to run your home comfort equipment throughout much of the year, it is best to try to limit HVAC use as much as possible.”

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