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There are many common questions that get asked about upgrading an electrical panel. One of the mostcommon ones is how often should you upgrade your panel. The typical recommendation is once every ten years but you also need to pay attention to warning signs such as buzzing sounds of frequently tripped breakers. It is highly suggested that you never try to do a panel upgrade yourself due to the dangers involved with electricity. Finally, fuse boxes are way out of date and can’t handle the electrical loads of todays consumers.

Key Takeaways:

  • A good rule of thumb for a timeframe to inspect or upgrade a panel is 10 years. More serious indications like scorching should be addressed immediately.
  • Sometimes rewiring a house is confused with replacing a panel. They are two separate activities. Rewiring usually involves replacing a panel, but a panel can be replaced without rewiring.
  • One can attempt to replace a panel themselves but it comes with increased risk. It is always recommended to contract a licensed electrician for any panel upgrades or general rewiring.

“Outdated and damaged electrical panels are a major cause of electrical problems in homes, including potentially hazardous ones like electrical fires.”

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