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That big box in the utility room can be scary for some. After all, many of us still don’t understand the electricity, but at some point, you should face your fear. The box is an electrical panel, which is the heart of all things electric in your house. In essence, it is really a big switch, with a bunch of smaller ones. The main breaker is typically rated for 200 amps, but smaller and older houses can have smaller breakers. Having the breakers trip repeatedly is a sign of a significant issue that may lead to a higher risk of fire. Repair of these issues should be left to licensed professionals.

Key Takeaways:

  • The main breaker is what works as the entire on/off switch for all of the electricity within your home.
  • A single pole breaker can run many different things in your home such as lights, and garage door openers.
  • Empty slots are great because they allow homeowners to add more things that use electricity without having to get a new panel.

“Never touch or attempt to repair exposed wires. Call a pro ASAP.”

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