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Electrical work is dangerous and should only be performed by experienced, licensed professionals using screened, undamaged tools. Electrical tools and devices should be stored in warm environments, away from any moisture when not in use. Injuries associated with electrical work can be caused by improper wiring and faulty maintenance; by shocks, arc blasts, or associated fire outbreaks; by using broken devices or unsafe equipment; or by working too closely to ground power lines. When working with electricity, stay safe by deferring to professionals and adhering to local regulations.

Key Takeaways:

  • Damaged tools used for electrical reasons are one of the biggest causes of injuries.
  • Working away from ground powerlines is the best way to do electrical work.
  • Bad electrical wiring installations is also one of the biggest reasons for injuries.

“Electrical services such as the installation of electrical wiring must be done according to the local laws and regulations.”

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