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Portable generators run on diesel, gasoline or propane to provide a source of supplemental electricity. One reason to have one is to keep perishable food fresh during a power outage. Generators are also useful if you drive an electric car or like to do remote DIY work with power tools. Rural residents often rely on electric pumps for well water, and thus need a source of power during outages. People in flood-prone areas can use portable generators to power sump pumps, while those if fire-prone regions have to deal with frequent power shutdowns. Campers and home business workers have reasons to own portable generators. Finally, those dependent on electricity for medical devices (heart monitors, oxygen tanks, etc.) may find a portable generator to be essential.

Key Takeaways:

  • If you drive an electric car, a portable generator will be able to charge it during an outage.
  • Rural residents who rely on well water need power to operate electrical pumps.
  • Many health devices, such as heart monitors and oxygen tanks, rely on electrical power.

“When you plug the sump pump into a portable generator, you gain the peace of mind of knowing your basement will stay dry even though the power is out.”

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