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There are a lot of questions that electricians are asked time and again. One common issue is household lights flickering during a storm. An electrician can tell you it’s typically normal, but may also be the result of faulty power lines. Another problem is plugs recently following our household outlets, which may seem benign, but an electrician can tell you is actually a serious fire hazard. When in doubt, it’s good to have a chat with the local electrician to make sure that your house is safe.

Key Takeaways:

  • There are a variety of reasons that an outlet may spark, including that it is too old or there’s a short in the circuit.
  • If your lamp or light fixture is too hot, it may be an issue with a wattage incompatibility.
  • A plug falling out of an outlet can be a major safety risk if not taken seriously.

“Electrical problems at home are concerning, particularly because the consequences can be so devastating. And unless you’re a licensed electrician (or share your home with one), it’s easy to write off little things, like an outlet that sparks every once in a while or that breaker that trips when you turn on the toaster oven while the microwave is running.”

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