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There are many different warning signs that can show you that you have faulty electrical wiring in your home. If your lights are flickering or buzzing frequently, you probably have faulty electrical wiring. You also should be paying attention to your circuit breakers and monitor how often it trips up. If you see chewed or frayed wiring, there is a major problem with the wiring. Finally, if you smell a bad burning odor, there can be a major problem with your wiring that you’ll need to get fixed quickly.

Key Takeaways:

  • If a circuit breaker is tripping more than once a month, that’s an indication that something is wrong.
  • Often caused by rodents, frayed or chewed wiring is a shock and fire hazard.
  • If you can feel heat or vibrations on electrical outlets, that’s a likely sign of wiring problems.

“Another symptom of out dated or damaged wiring is flickering, buzzing or dimming lights. If your lights buzz when they’re turned on or flicker/dim when you use multiple appliances, this is a definite sign that you’re home’s wiring requires a professional upgrade.”

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