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50 Uniquely Beautiful Wall Sconces That Also Serve As Decorative Pieces

Wall sconces are a great way to incorporate light into your décor and add functionality into a space. The range of options is as diverse as décor itself, ranging all the way from rustic and old-fashioned to uber-modern and cutting-edge. There is even a range of technological types geared to suit any need, including hard-wired sconces, battery-operated ones and even plug-in types.

Limited for space, or you just like that modern space-age feel? Go for a circular disc type sconce that all but disappears into the wall. Pick a sconce that looks like an extensive office light, or a spotlight, for your office. Cylindrical wall sconces resemble big down-pointing flashlights and are uniquely appropriate for outdoor walkways. Pick a wall sconce with a stylish and decorative, or super-trendy, shape to add juice to your bedroom décor. The options are limitless.

Key Takeaways:

  • Wall sconces are available for home decor that run the gamut from very rustic to uber-modern.
  • Wall sconces that look like office lamos, or cinema lights can be good choices for a home office.
  • Cylindrical sconces that look a lot like large down-pointing flashlights are very suitable for outdoor use.

“This gorgeous flush wall sconce is a great choice for small spaces or areas that don’t have much room for fixtures that stick out from the wall, like hallways or bathrooms.”

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