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When you are looking to decorate your walls, you must make it known that it is your wall and you are going to decorate it the way that you like to. There is no one else who should matter when you are decide what you want. These beautiful wall pieces are awesome and you have such a variety to choose from. The pieces, or sconces, can be fully for decorative purposes or they can have a deeper meaning behind them.

Key Takeaways:

  • An elaborate wall sconce is the modern minimalist circular wall sconce. It is ideal for cramped spaces without wall fixtures.
  • The AJ lamps were designed for the SAS Royal hotel in Copenhagen and is still well sought after decades later.
  • Adjustable and contemporary, the Tolomeo lamp is good for any time of the day and perfect for the bedroom.

“From ultra-modern adjustable bedroom lamps to rustic farmhouse lights for the kitchen, there’s something here to complement any interior – and any budget.”

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