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In an attempt to keep the energy bill from rising to outrageous amounts, many homeowners are searching for ways to reduce the temperature in their home. One way to reduce the heat without spending your life savings is to invest in a mattress pad that will keep you cool. Staying hydrated is another key to regulating the temperature of your own body, which will help you survive the heat. Installing window film can make the most of your AC.

Key Takeaways:

  • Air conditioners can be pricey and generate a lot of electricity that also creates quite a bill. Make sure to keep it serviced so it runs properly, saving you money.
  • For example, with a cooling mattress pad your bed mattress will stay at a cool 55 degrees.
  • Fans a good and inexpensive source of cool. However misting fans can cool down the air by up to 25%.

“Moisture-wicking sheets can help manage perspiration in order to keep you both cooler and drier at night.”

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