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There are multiple ways to update the space in which you live. First, you can change the color palette. A small change of color can make a big change in how a room feels to be in, and it’s not too expensive either. Improving technology and establishing a certain flow in your house with openness and connectedness helps tremendously to make the living space more admirable and enjoyable to live in. Finally, add your own unique style.

Key Takeaways:

  • If you are in a decorating rut, those in the know suggest playing with lighting, as if impacts every home space and architectural element.
  • Remember pops of colorful accessories can be more than enough to transform a living space from bland to eye-catching.
  • With lighting as a home fashion accessory go for metallic brightness for oomph, or a pendant design to create a sense of niched spaces.

“Lighting can impact and improve everything about your house, from its architectural appearance to its color scheme.”

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