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Many devices in the average home can still use electricity, even when off. It can be important to turn off and unplug some of these devices so that they do not increase your energy use and costs unnecessarily. These can include chargers, printers, game systems, coffee makers, and televisions. While doing projects yourself may be cost effective, they may not be best in the long term. Circuit breakers are there for a reason, and if they are constantly shutting off, there may be an electrical issue that should be addressed.

Key Takeaways:

  • Energy vampires, such as printers or coffee makers, use energy when they are plugged in but turned off.
  • If your circuit breakers keep shutting off and on, this means you have a problem that needs to be fixed.
  • It is risky to both the electrical systems and to your life if you attempt to do electrical jobs yourself.

“To make your life easier and to prevent damages to your home, we’ve put together this list of five things every electrician wants you to know.”

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