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A boiler is a must in almost any home, as it is used year-round to heat water. Due to this constant use, it’s imperative that the boiler be regularly checked by the homeowner. First, they should visually check for any leaks in the boiler and take a look at all the piping. Next, homeowners should open the drain valve to ensure that it is working properly, and afterwards, check for leaks again. Finally, the flame of the boiler should be checked to ensure there isn’t anything odd about it.

Key Takeaways:

  • Because your boiler is used all year round it is prone to breakdowns due to constant wear and tear.
  • Things to check for obvious problems including checking for water under the unit to see if there are leaks or cracks.
  • Look at the burner flame to make sure it is at a constant level and color

“Unlike your heat and air conditioning systems, your boiler is a piece of equipment that is used all year ‘round.”

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