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With the fall season approaching, it’s a good opportunity to take action to ensure electrical safety around your home. First, keep dry leaves away from electrical lighting. Dry plant debris in general is fuel for fire if a spark catches it. Next, before using outdoor power tools, check their cords for wear. Also, prior to conducting extensive yard work, make note of the location of meters and electrical wiring, and avoid them. After using extension cords, store them safely, as squirrels or other animals could gnaw on them. Last, be careful with aluminum ladders and other metal tools, as you don’t want them to touch power lines.

Key Takeaways:

  • It is important that dry foliage outside does not interact with lights that could lead to a fire.
  • Check your cords for wear as this can also lead to unintentional fires.
  • Always be cautious with ladders and anything metal as these can lead to electrical hazards that can seriously injury someone.

“The crisp fall air provides a pleasant excuse to work outside, and perhaps even complete some outdoor electrical work.”

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