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There are many differences between a residential and commercial electrical contractor. A residential electrician will offer services such as interpreting technical blueprints and maintaining electrical appliances and fixtures. A commercial electrical contractor on the other hand deals with installing wiring systems and control panels. A residential electrician will need to have technical skills but a commercial electrical contractor will need many more skills when compared. Finally, commercial electrical projects tend to be much larger than the ones residential electricians deal with.

Key Takeaways:

  • There are many different types of electricians and contractors such as residential, commercial, industrial, low voltage and automotive.
  • A residential electrician can interpret technical blueprints, maintains electrical appliances and diagnoses and repairs electrical faults.
  • There are many technical skills required to be an electrical technical but the commercial electrical contractors need to have much higher skill levels than residentials.

“Not every electrician becomes a contractor, but most residential and commercial electricians do. This enables them to take on projects individually or as a part of a contractor company.”

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