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Switching to LED lights can help you lower your energy use and save a lot on your electricity bill. You can either just change your fixtures so you can use LED bulbs, or you can replace your fixtures completely. You can either change your fluorescent strips by rewiring to accept LED, or by using magnetic strips with LED bulbs instead of the fluorescence. Here are some more options for switching to LED, and pros and cons of each.

Key Takeaways:

  • It’s very easy to start using Magnetic LED Strips instead of Fluorescent Lights.
  • You can use LED fixtures where no extra rewiring is necessary. With this method you get new features such as color temperatures and overall nicer lighting levels.
  • You could use Linear integrated LED lights which are very much the same size as the old fluorescent tubes you will be replacing.

“Lighting your home or office can take up a major part of your electricity bills.”

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