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Looking to renovate your dining room in order to enhance its personality? Lifestyle blogger Tara Mastroeni has compiled a list of four different ways to add pizzazz to your dining room without breaking the bank. Design methods such as statement lighting can help you draw attention to your dining room decor without requiring extensive time and money. Buying one large lighting fixture that reflects your style is a way to accentuate the final layer of lighting in your dining room.

Key Takeaways:

  • You need to fix up your dining room in a way that makes it feel homey for all.
  • This area is a space where you, and much of your family, will spend a large part of your time.
  • Encouraging your loved ones to come over and enjoy each others company can be made easier by a good dining room.

“Whether you paint a wall a bold new color, or opt for a modern take on wallpaper, adding an accent wall will instantly refresh the look of your dining space.”

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