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Improving the energy-efficency at the office ensures the comfort of everyone inside. Thus,enhanced productivity is one perk, but many others also come your way. It is easy to boost energy-efficency at the office and is very much worth the effort to implement the necassary changes to keep the office efficent. You can invest in the cloud and change the light to improve office efficency and start enjoying the benefis of that awesome decision that you have made.

Key Takeaways:

  • Switching to saving data online, via the cloud, as opposed to on a computer hard-drive, can save billions of energy dollars.
  • Buy Energy Star products, where possible, because they meet strict guidelines set up by the EPA.
  • Lighting is a big business cost, which can be mitigated by leveraging natural light and by using LED options, where possible.

“Seeking and implementing energy-saving solutions within your office building not only reduces the amount of energy consumed, but also saves money on maintenance and supplies, while providing additional comfort and health and safety benefits.”

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