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Electricity prices seem to be soaring as of late, but there is plenty that homeowners can do to slash their electric bills by nearly half. A solid way to reduce power consumption is to install motion-detecting lights, which will turn off when no one is in the room. Using power strips is helpful as well, so homeowners can switch off power to high-consumption devices. Finally, people should clean their dryer vent and change their furnace filter, which can cut these appliances electric usage down by almost 25 to 30%.

Key Takeaways:

  • Install outdoor lights that can sense motion so that you don’t have to leave exterior lights on all night.
  • Plug several appliances into one power strip and then turn it off when these items are not in use.
  • A clogged dryer vent is not only a fire hazard, it also makes your appliance use up more energy.

“Well, if you’re tired of shelling out stacks of cash to pay for electric, you’ll be happy to know there are a number of things you can do around your house right now that will result in greater savings.”

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