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There are many benefits that come from having a generator. The first one is obvious which is you’ll be able to have power and therefore electricity during an outage. You also will be able to keep the air quality in your home high as without air conditioning, humid air encourages the growth of mold. A generator will also prevent damage to your sump pump as well as keep your food in the refrigerator and freezer from spoiling. Finally, having a generator will increase the value of your home as it’s a very valuable item.

Key Takeaways:

  • Generators help keep your air quality good because without an air conditioner your home will be humid which can cause mold growth.
  • Generators can prevent damage such as water damage from a sump pump not working or food spoiling due to the refrigerator and freezer not working.
  • A generator will increase the value of your home because it’s a large investment and is also a very valuable one that comes in handy.

“With a whole-home generator, you can keep all the electronics in your home, including your heater or air conditioner, working during a power outage.”

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