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There are quite a few major advantages that come from having a whole house generator. The first one is pretty simple and it’s that they are extremely convenient. If you lose power, the generator will be able to provide power to your home and you won’t have to deal with darkness and food spoiling. Whole house generators are also very safe as they have an automatic-start feature. Finally, they will give you peace of mind as you won’t even have to worry about any of the stresses that come from power outages.

Key Takeaways:

  • A whole house generator can power almost everything in your home if you want.
  • Home generators are generally more safer because they do not produce CO2
  • Peace of mind is always a good thing to have and having a generator will do it for you.

“If you have a portable generator, you’ll need to head out to the garage, pull it out, connect it to your transfer switch, and fire it up.”

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