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It might not be pleasant when your power goes out, but luckily there are plenty of things to do to take action. First, you should create and grab your lights out box, which is filled with survival essentials. You can also fill your tubs and sinks with water, just in case there is a water shortage. Going outside to look around will also give you an idea about why the power is out. Next, give everyone emergency flashlights and candles. Survival experts also agree to eat the things in the fridge first, starting with the dairy products. Finally, keep your emergency radio on at all times and try to use your electronics sparingly and if you have a generator use it.

Key Takeaways:

  • Fill your tubs and sinks with water in case the water sanitation system you are using stops functioning.
  • Unplug your electronics to protect it from a power surge when the power comes back on.
  • Call your power company and figure out why the power went out and if there’s anything you can do to fix it.

“When the lights go out, the following things should be done in order to stretch resources, keep your family calm”

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