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There are a number of cost-effective ways to winterize your home and keep cold-weather heating bills in check. Cleaning the gutters and flushing the water heater are two such tasks that can be done for free. If you have a ceiling fan, changing its direction to clockwise will push warm air down. For a little money, you can add insulation film to your windows and draft guards under your doors. Similarly, weather stripping, caulk and fiberglass insulation don’t cost much. You can replace filters on your central air and heating systems or use a chimney balloon to prevent heat loss. Even a programmable thermostat can be bought.

Key Takeaways:

  • There are a few things that you can do to winterize your home that does not cost that much money, such as turning your ceiling fans clockwise.
  • Change your filters in your central air and heating systems so they run more efficient and save you money.
  • Program your thermostat and make sure there are no drafts around your windows.

“Flush the water through the drain valve to clear out the material and keep your heater functioning at its best.”

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