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Before you hire an electrician, there are some questions that you will need them to answer. Make sure that the electrician you plan to hire is both licensed and insured. This will help protect your from liabilities that come along with the job. You also should ask the electrician what area they specialize in so you can hire one that fits your job best. Finally, ask them ahead of time if you will need a permit for the job and how to obtain it.

Key Takeaways:

  • Ask your electrician if they are insured because electrical work comes with a huge amount of liability.
  • Ask your electrician what work they do most as electricians typically specialize in a certain area. Find one that fits your job best.
  • Ask your electrician if you need a permit for the work you need done, and who can obtain the permit as well.

“Electricians are required to be licensed in most states and municipalities, so don’t consider one who isn’t properly licensed.”

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