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It may be surprising to hear that an electrician is needed for light bulbs flickering but it’s actually a sign that there’s something wrong behind the scenes. Wear and tear happens naturally whether there has been any water damage or small rodents chewing through wires. After twenty years, wiring can deteriorate on its own. Using cheap materials is another hazard, it may save money but in the long wrong electricity can’t flow that well through cheaper materials. Extension cords are also dangerous, if you’re using quite a few around the house you may want to call an electrician to install some permanent outlets.

Key Takeaways:

  • Faulty or Defective wiring could put you or your family in danger, causing electrical shortages, electrocution, or serious burns to yourself if not handled correctly.
  • Outdated wiring could be chewed by rodents, leaving copper wires frayed and exposed, this could cause fire and electrocution.
  • Licensed electricians have been trained to deal with these deadly issues and are more than willing to set up an appointment to come and help you with your problem.

“Electricity flows through the wires. Therefore, they must be made of the right material with the right capacity. Placement is another factor to consider.”

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