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Did you know a simple portable generator connection can provide your family with essential comforts during a power outage? Balex Electrical has a solution to keep your refrigerators cold, water flowing and the lights on during this time when you need it most. A properly installed and inspected generator back feed inlet will provide the peace of mind your family deserves.

If you have a portable generator, dragging out an extension cord to get power from it is not only inconvenient, it’s downright dangerous. Don’t be that person to put your home and family at risk.

We currently offer competitive pricing on this solution, with a turn-key price that includes material, labor and permit. You simply need to provide the portable generator. Give us a call to see if this is a good solution for your family.

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*Most homes will qualify but due to the wide range of panels and locations this cost may vary. Does not include the generator or cord.