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Let’s be frank – a ceiling fan isn’t as nearly as effective as an air conditioning system. But that doesn’t mean it’s entirely useless. In fact, this handy device can do wonders for separate rooms, consuming less energy and taking up virtually no space in the process.

But there’s more to a ceiling fan than just hitting the “on” button. Learn how to use this device correctly, and you’ll be able to take full advantage of it during the summer heat.

Avoid Operating the Ceiling Fan in an Empty Room
Unlike an air conditioning unit, a ceiling fan doesn’t actually cool the air. It only creates air currents, which can provide a cooling effect on the people in the room. In other words, leaving a ceiling fan on in an empty room helps no one; it only wastes energy.

Set the Ceiling Fan Blades in the Right Direction
The ceiling fan blades can rotate in either direction. But believe it or not, the direction you choose directly affects how well this device operates in the current weather. When it’s hot, you’ll want the blades spinning counterclockwise. This will create an upward airflow, resulting in a cool breeze. Of course, wintertime calls for the opposite direction. Setting the blades clockwise pushes the warm air near the ceiling toward the room, aiding in heating.

Set Up Your Thermostat Accordingly
Suppose you’re using a combination of air conditioning and ceiling fans to cool down during a heatwave. In that case, you should adjust your thermostat to account for the ceiling fan’s operation. An increase of 4 degrees Fahrenheit is possible without any decrease in comfort. If you live in a temperate climate, you might be able to shut off your air conditioning altogether, saving lots of energy.

Have the Ceiling Fan Professionally Installed
To get the most out of your ceiling fan, don’t think twice about getting it professionally installed. Only professionals can position the blades optimally (compared to the floor, walls, and ceiling), leaving you with a highly efficient and safe device.

Key Takeaways:

  • Even though ceiling fans aren’t quite as effective as ACs, they can still help beat the heat.
  • Fans use much less electricity than AC, so if it’s not too hot use a fan to cool down and save.
  • You should make sure your fan is oriented correctly and only run it when you’re in the room for best results.

“Ceiling fans not only blow air around, but they also create better circulation of air throughout a large space.”

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