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At one point in your life you will experience a tripped circuit. This is fairly common however finding out why could be critical to a potentially dangerous situation. The most common but dangerous situations are when you are either overloading one outlet with too many items plugged in or a short circuit which is when a live wire comes into contact with a neutral wire. Ground fault shorts are also dangerous which is when a live wire crosses another live wire. So the best course of action is to have a licensed electrician inspect the problem to avoid a disaster.

Key Takeaways:

  • The most common cause of a tripped circuit is an overloaded circuit that is using too much power.
  • Short circuits can be extremely dangerous as they give off a huge amount of heat and can cause electrical fires.
  • Ground fault surges happen when two wires cross each other when they aren’t supposed to. This can also lead to electrical fires or electrocution.

“A short circuit occurs when a hot or live wire comes in contact with a neutral wire somewhere in the circuit. This usually occurs at an outlet, light fixture, or switch.”

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