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Washing machines. TVs. Phone chargers. Computers. We rely on electricity to power countless devices and appliances throughout our homes. That power comes from the local grid, and it passes through an electrical panel, which diverts it to the various circuits and systems around the property.

As such, electrical panels are invaluable elements of any modern home. But they don’t last forever. They get old, worn-down, and outdated. Eventually, they’ll have to be replaced, and you might wonder if you can do the replacement yourself.

Well, the short answer is “No, you can’t.” But let’s dig a little deeper and explore some reasons why.

A Highly Technical Job
First up, changing an electrical panel isn’t exactly a DIY-friendly task. It’s not like changing a lightbulb or putting some wallpaper on a wall. It’s tricky, demanding, and technical. You need an exceptional level of technical expertise and experience for this job. Even if you’ve got some level of familiarity with wiring and electrics, it may still be beyond your skills.

Serious Safety Risks with the DIY Approach
It’s no secret that working with electricity is often dangerous. Touch the wrong part or make a mistake and you get shocked and suffer a serious injury. The risks are particularly high when handling electrical panels, even with the power switched off. Only licensed, experienced electricians should be handling such dangerous devices.

Understanding Your Legal Obligations
There’s also a legal issue when it comes to replacing electrical panels. In many states and regions, it’s actually illegal for homeowners without the correct licenses and experience to do this kind of work. This is due to the fact that it’s so technical and risky, as outlined above. So, you could be in breach of the law if you try to replace a panel single-handedly.

Given the high degree of risk and complexity in this job, it’s not something you should take on as a DIY project. Hire a licensed pro to handle it for you.

Key Takeaways:

  • Depending on where you live, it may be illegal for you to install an electrical panel unless you’re a trained electrician.
  • Any time you’re working on something that conducts electricity, there are risks to your safety that need to be taken into consideration.
  • Consider hiring a licensed electrician to handle this risky work for you.

“If you’re asking this question, it’s because you either have a suspicion that your current electrical panel is out of date, or you know it’s out of date because it’s failed on you. Perhaps you have an old fuse box, and now realize that this antiquated technology isn’t viable anymore as you keep putting larger and larger fuses on it.”

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