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Many electrical issues can cause fires and other severe problems. The good news is that there are signs for you to pick up on, one of which is buzzing in the wall. There can be a number of causes for this, including bad switches and improper wiring.

Let’s get to the bottom of each culprit and see what you can do about it.

#1 Cause of Buzzing in the Wall – Bad Switch
Your switches may seem robust, but they won’t last forever. Overuse, poor construction, and improper installation are some of the factors that can lead to premature failure or problems.

One of the ways these issues manifest themselves is through buzzing in the wall. If the sound is coming directly from or near a switch, you’ve probably found the culprit.

However, this is as far as you should go. Contact an electrician to verify the cause and repair or replace the switch to restore safety and eliminate the noise.

#2 Cause of Buzzing in the Wall – Malfunctioning Outlet
Bad switches are common, but they’re not the only reason you hear a cracking sound from the wall. A failing outlet is another potential culprit. It could be malfunctioning for several reasons, such as physical damage and overload caused by plugging in too many devices at a time.

The best way to address the problem is to avoid DIY repairs. Instead, leave the work to a trained professional who has the right skills and tools to upgrade your electrical system.

#3 Cause of Buzzing in the Wall – Improper Wiring
Installing wires is difficult. A lot can go wrong during the process, and even the tiniest mistake can have severe consequences. Besides wall buzzing, you may also notice flickering lights, a burning smell, and frequent breaker tripping.
Again, reach out to an electrician to figure out if bad wiring is the underlying cause of the strange noise.

Key Takeaways:

  • The majority of time that people hear buzzing in their walls, the problem is electrical.
  • If the source of the buzzing sound is an outlet, or a light switch, the problem could be a loose connection.
  • Loose wires could cause a fire, so this is a problem that needs immediate attention.

“Yes, there are other sources for the buzzing that has nothing to do with the electrical system.”

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