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An outdated electrical panel can be causing problems such as burning smells, tripping breakers, flickering lights and even some smoke from outlets. The electrical panel wears out just like everything else and must be replaced if it is showing these signs. Warning symptoms like these need to be addressed or an electrical fire could happen. The advantages of replacing your electrical panel are immediate and include your peace of mind and helps with the flow of electricity to your home. It also adds to your home value and can reduce your home insurance.

Key Takeaways:

  • Electric service panels are often overlooked, as they are not in plain view of homeowners.
  • Unlike many other appliances, electric service panels decay slowly over time. They don’t usually break down all at once.
  • Neglecting electric service panels can cause damage and risk to the home. Ensuring proper function is crucial.

“Most of the appliances you have in your home are connected to your electrical panel, which means your panel carries a ton of baggage.”

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