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Electricity has improved our quality of living, but that improvement comes with safety risks. Between 2007-2011, over 47,000 house fires were attributed to electrical malfunctions. The following five tips will help keep your home safe from electrical fires. If you notice a power cord is damaged, immediately either replace it or repair it. In addition, avoid extension cords and do not overload your outlets. Finally, keeping outlets and electrical equipment away from water as well as keeping kids safe from electrical hazards are easy solutions.

Key Takeaways:

  • It is very important to not overlook exposed wires, so make sure you replace or cover a wire that has lost it’s protective coating.
  • Keep all electrical equipment and outlets away from water to prevent injuries.
  • Extension cords might be practical but not in houses. They can injure people within the house and also really damage your wires or outlets.

“Toddlers and small children are very curious– and they love to explore just about everything. Parents of small children should put tamper-resistant safety caps on all unused electrical outlets.”

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