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Keeping the electrical installations in proper order is necessary for a safe and worry-free household. However, when issues arise, homeowners may be tempted to fix them on their own or call a friend who knows a bit about electrical work.

While that approach might be suitable for extremely light interventions and easy fixes, there are certain situations that will require a professional electrician. Otherwise, the issue could escalate and bring harm to the home or, worse yet, its residents. When amateurs tackle demanding electrical projects, the best outcome in most cases will be the status quo— the problem won’t go away, but it won’t get better either.

The first sign of trouble that will call for professional intervention is a sudden and significant rise in electrical costs. This is an indication of a severe flaw within the system. On the other hand, it might be a good early warning sign before the issue worsens. A licensed electrician can detect the cause of the higher bills and recommend a solution.

Secondly, switches, outlets, and even parts of the installation may start to emit acrid odors. This indicates an electrical fire somewhere in the system, with outlets being the most common places where it can happen. Only professionals will be able to replace the fixture safely and track the precise point where the short happened.

Thirdly, constantly failing breakers are a tell-tale sign of electrical trouble that’s likely too complex for amateurs to address. The complication here is that breakers can go down due to numerous causes. The reasons for this may be as straightforward as a broken appliance or as complex as a faulty breaker panel.

Finally, if the lights are flickering constantly but the bulbs aren’t going out, the reason might lie in a grid problem. In that case, you can do nothing but wait for the power company to perform the appropriate repairs. However, this issue can be caused by surges coming from within the home. If the cause is undetermined, calling a professional will be the only right choice.

Key Takeaways:

  • Higher electric bills are being received, so you must make sure that you address the issue.
  • When you can smell an electrical type of odor, it’s time to call the professionals.
  • If you are having to reset your breaker on a consistent basis.

“Getting control of higher electrical bills often means changing some of your basic habits around the home: remembering to turn off lights in rooms that are empty, lowering thermostat settings, etc.”

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