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Bee population in America is going through a crisis and it is in a significantly decline which has far reaching consequences for ecosystem. Pollination is something most plants depend on, and without bees it cannot happen, put survival of these plants in question. Researchers in Europe are assessing the ways in which solar panels can help bee population. Currently, solar parks are not built in a way in which biodiversity is promoted, and scientists hope the result of the study will show how this trend can be reversed.

Key Takeaways:

  • Moving these parks away from intensively managed agricultural landscapes would enable biodiversity to thrive underneath the panels.
  • Bee habitats at these farms could easily be powered by the sun and heated, providing a natural line of defense for our pollinator friends.
  • Bees are a vital part of our ecosystem as they are a pollinator like other insects, including wasps, beetles, butterflies and moths. In simple terms, a pollinator is an animal that will move pollen.

“Along with colleagues from the University of Reading, they highlighted ten evidence-based ways to protect and even enhance pollinator biodiversity ranging from sowing wildflowers to connecting solar parks to nearby areas of semi-natural habitat.”

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