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There are multiple options for choosing solar energy as the main power source for your home. Whether you are experienced and willing to do the legwork, want to contribute to your community, or can only financially aid green energy, there is an option for you. Solar panels can be installed on your home, but may require more initial work and time. Alternately, some communities have a solar project that allows you to buy solar power from someone else. Finally, there is an investment option (SRECS) to invest in solar power for the future.

Key Takeaways:

  • Probably the most known and recognizable way to turn your home over to solar power is to install solar roof panels.
  • Such installation takes financing and approval at the local level. Some parts of the country offer incentives for this type of home improvement.
  • To tally the overall expense of adding solar roof panels to your home you will need the specific size of your roof and the amount of electricity you typically use.

“But be careful! Most of these solar buy back electricity plans will charge you a higher-than-market rate for the electricity you do use.”

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