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There are many trends that we are seeing in clean energy in the modern day because of technology. Sensors, controls and apps we can use on our phones and laptops are transforming energy due to the amount of data that can be gathered and transmitted. Energy storage is also being utilized when it is most cost effective using options like pumped hydro and compressed air. Finally, we are seeing indoor and outdoor lighting that include wireless options to cut down on electricity.

Key Takeaways:

  • Blockchain technology can allow utility and micro-grid operators to better control the flow of power.
  • Energy storage methods such as batteries, pumped hydro, and flywheels are becoming more affordable and sophisticated.
  • On-bill financing is supporting energy efficiency improvements, rooftop solar, and other clean energy efforts.

“Because the intelligent building is fundamentally reliant on creating a data-rich environment, sensors play a crucial role in facilitating these solutions.”

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