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Customers want more options for renewable energy sources, and now there is one that is in the works. The city of Charlotte is the first city that is doing something to build a place where they can have sustainable energy. The facility was built with 35 mega watts and will offset the cost of energy for the entire state, partially. North Carolina is proud to be the first to come up with a plan for offsetting energy costs.

Key Takeaways:

  • The city of Charlotte, North Carolina has entered into a ground-breaking agreement.
  • The first-ever municipality energy power agreement entered into by Charlotte is with the Duke Energy Green Source Program.
  • A 35-megawatt facility is slated for construction, thereby cementing and ensuring the success of the newly implemented agreement.

“The GSA allows large customers to offset its power purchases by securing renewable energy from projects connected to the Duke Energy grid. The customer may keep the renewable energy certificates (RECs) from the projects and use the energy purchased to satisfy sustainability or carbon-free goals”

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