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Global pandemic and the shutdowns it caused led to an increased solar output around the world. With many people staying and working from home, decreased industrial activity and lower traffic intensity, the skies actually cleared up. In Delhi, registered increased in output of photovoltaic elements was over 8%. Generally, some output variations is always expected due to varying cloudiness, dust and weather events, but these high levels measured in the recent study can only be explained by extraordinary events caused by the pandemic.

Key Takeaways:

  • The Covid-19 shutdown showed us that with clearer skies from less pollution we also got an 8% increase of solar production in Delhi.
  • Researchers have also been able to measure over the years the pollution that has seen a decrease in 10% of solar production.
  • Every person who installs solar will help out every other person who has installed solar. It will also help for generations to come.

“Pollution levels were down by about 50 percent after the shutdown, they found. As a result, the total output from the solar panels was increased by 8.3 percent in late March, and by 5.9 percent in April, they calculated.”

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