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Households and businesses are transitioning towards clean energy, especially solar. Solar panels convert light into electricity. To plan a home solar system, begin by determining your solar potential, which is dependent on the how much sunlight will hit your roof. Consider alternatives to rooftop solar, namely, ground mount installations and community solar subscriptions. If you opt for rooftop solar, figure out how many panels you’ll need, then obtain quotes. Next, look into the three payment options: cash, solar loans, and solar leases. Also consider issues like net metering (if you’re connected to the grid) or battery backups. When you’re done, pick a quote and have the solar panels installed.

Key Takeaways:

  • Make sure that the area you are in and the spot where you want the panels is a good spot for sun
  • Get the estimates before you buy because you may produce too much or not enough
  • Determine what types of solar panels you are looking for. community or rooftop

“Amidst this period of energy reform, rooftop solar panel systems for houses are taking off at a remarkable rate.”

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