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Your home solar system consists of the solar panels, the rack that holds the panels on the roof, and the wiring that links the system to the electrical grid of your home. It’s very important that the system stays clear of debris, dirt, and broken glass; a visual inspection will let you know if the system is impacted. It’s also beneficial to check the wiring monthly to make sure nothing has come loose from the solar system.

Key Takeaways:

  • Dirt and debris can impact the efficiency of your solar system greatly, so ensure your system is free of debris every month.
  • Visually inspect the rack of your solar system to make sure it’s still structurally sound.
  • Make sure there is no broken glass on your solar panels as well.

“A solar system is comprised of the panels themselves, the rack and roof penetrations that affix the panels to your roof, and the wiring and inverters that tie your panels to your home’s electrical system and the grid. Familiarize yourself with your specific array’s setup, and then run through this checklist once per month to keep things ship shape.”

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