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Researchers are currently working on a breakthrough of technology that will transform windows into active power generators, similar to solar cell panels. This idea has been thought of in the past, however the designs have failed due to price or inefficiency. This group of researchers used an organic semiconductor to replace the solar cell component and it produced results almost equivalent to solar cell panels. The efficiency was slightly below those numbers but it looks like this technology may be able to be implemented in the near future. You will most likely see this technology in multi story building windows as windows of that size will not cost much more when adding this technology.

Key Takeaways:

  • Researchers are working on a way to transform windows into power generators which would be a revolutionary advancement with regards to solar technology.
  • These researchers used an organic semiconductor and replaced the solar cell component with it and saw incredible results. It was almost converting as much energy as solar panels.
  • Researchers believe that you will first see these windows that are able to generate electricity inside of multistory buildings as the cost of those windows including this technology wouldn’t change.

“The idea of semi-transparent solar cells is not new, but previous designs have failed because they were very expensive, unstable or inefficient.”

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