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When it comes to alternative energy options, energy harvested from the sun may be the most widely used and common for both residential and commercial properties. Investment in these systems is usually recovered within a few years, but beyond the financial return, there is also a benefit of a positive environmental impact and contribution to sustainability. For homeowners, it also brings independence and stability during outages and this becomes important with climate change, where power supply may become more unstable.

Key Takeaways:

  • Solar energy is very good for the environment because it doesn’t pollute the air or water like fossil fuels do.
  • Solar energy is renewable because the energy comes from the sun. Since it doesn’t cost anything to receive sunlight, the price of solar energy isn’t very expensive.
  • Solar energy helps promote energy independence which can decrease price spikes and also makes you prone to power outages.

“The use of solar energy has steadily grown over the last couple of decades, with more and more people realizing the tremendous value of utilizing solar panels.”

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