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It has been the general assumption that for solar energy to work effectively, there needs to be an active storage chamber in place for extra energy to be stored. Unfortunately, studies are now showing that these solar storage chambers are becoming even more detrimental to the environment. Researchers are now finding that sending extra solar power back to the actual utility grid itself can result in a decrease in environmental impact while still maintaining affordable costs.

Key Takeaways:

  • The study is about the costs and benefits of adding energy storage to homes that already have solar panels.
  • The biggest takeaway from the paper is that you don’t need to have a storage system.
  • The paper found out that adding storage actually turned out to increase carbon dioxide emissions.

“Recent research from the University of Texas at Austin suggests that the greatest environmental and economic benefits from solar power come from sending excess solar power to the utility grid instead of storing it on-site for later use.”

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