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Spring is coming and in many parts of the country warmer weather is already happening. This is also the time when cooling needs are considered and people put their air conditioners in service. Spring time is also a good time to consider installation of solar panels. The installation is typically done quickly and you can have the whole system set up before summer, when long days with plenty of sunshine will utilize your solar panels to the fullest potential.

Key Takeaways:

  • Heating and cooling account the majority of home energy usage, and the demand for energy can rise in the summer.
  • Solar panels are able to take on some of the load to the grid from this added demand.
  • Balex Electrical offers a tailored approach for homeowners wanting to add solar panels.

“By readily providing energy when it is most needed, solar panels help homeowners save on utility expenses over time. To begin seeing those summer savings, homeowners should start their journey towards switching to solar energy in the spring to allow time for installation”

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