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Solar energy is energy captured from the sun, which can come in the form of light or heat. It’s normally captured by photovoltaic solar panels, which turn the light and heat into electricity that you can use. The most common use for solar energy is to heat indoor spaces like rooms or pools, and businesses can install them with that use in mind. You can either have your own private solar panels, or take part in a community farm.

Key Takeaways:

  • Solar works by having a silicon photovoltaic solar cell absorb solar radiation from the sun. The sun rays collide with the silicon cell creating moving electrons and electrical current.
  • Solar energy is becoming more and more affordable. The cost of one watt now costs $3 on average.
  • Electric vehicles should take off with the usage of solar in the future. Whether they will be fully powered by solar is yet to be known but there is a lot of potential.

“For some solar shoppers who may not be able to install solar on their property, community solar is a viable solar option that more directly connects utility-scale solar energy projects to residential consumers.”

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