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Recent research shows that grid-tied solar PV owners are essentially subsidizing their neighbors. The finding is that utility companies don’t have to invest as much into infrastructure thanks to solar users. The value of solar exceeds both the net metering and the two-tiered rates that utilities are paying for solar electricity. The researchers from the Michigan Technological University focused on calculating the value of solar, which includes factors such as lower fuel usage and operations costs. While solar PV technology is a profitable way of decarbonizing the grid, the same must be done for transportation and heating emissions.

Key Takeaways:

  • Some professors at Michigan Technological University are showing that grid tied PV owners are helping out their neighbors who don’t have access to sunlight.
  • These PV systems convert the sunlight straight into the grid so that the benefits can be shared by everyone in the area even on cloudy days.
  • In addition to being good for the environment; solar owners can actually many times see a profitable return on investment.

“Anyone who puts up solar is being a great citizen for their neighbors and for their local utility.”

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