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Most of us accept electric utility bills as inevitable, and cutting down on cost is often difficult and convenient. However, solar panels provide a relatively convenient way to reduce the cost of energy we use. Additionally, it enables us to decrease the unpredictability of energy costs. The biggest expense for solar systems is, as expected, upfront cost for equipment and installation, but once up and running, the payoff is usually not far off. There are also no maintenance costs involved, which makes solar systems even more appealing.

Key Takeaways:

  • Increase home value – this is an attractive feature especially when selling your home later on because it is sustainable and renewable energy
  • Freedom from the grid – you are more self-sufficient and less reliant on traditional forms of electricity like coal plants
  • Better for environment – solar energy is renewable and doesn’t put carbon dioxide into the air

“For example, many utilities have tiered rate structures that increase the rate per kWh used as the total amount of power used hits higher and higher thresholds. This has a multiplier effect on the bill. Not only is more power being used, but that additional power is being charged at higher rates.”

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